Welcome to Chanho Kim's portfolio

0:05 – Interstellar Film Sound Replacement Demo

3:42 – Game Cinematic Sound Replacement Demo 1

4:41 – Game Cinematic Sound Replacement Demo 2

8:08 – Korean mobile MMORPG Sound Design & Music Work

9:08 – Wwise Sound Implementation Demo

13:32 – FMOD Sound Implementation Demo

15:26 – Custom VST Plug-In Programming Demo

16:58 – Indie Film Original Soundtrack

17:45 – Film Audio Post-Production Demo

A class project at Berklee College of Music where I had to create sound effects, record voiceover, and score music for a game cinematic video. I really enjoyed recording voiceovers and to mix and edit proper sounds to make the cinematic video realistic.

Sci-fi themed sound design samples I did as a practice. I used Overwatch videos to recreate sounds to practice and demonstrate my sound design skills.

This was a class project at Berklee College of Music. I had to pick a movie clip and recreate the entire sound and music. I picked this clip because I really love the sound and music of it. Especially the sound effects in this movie is very realistic, not using cliché space glitchy sounds. So I wanted to recreate the realistic sound of the spaceship along with completely different style of soundtrack.

this is a short demonstration of my sound design and soundtrack work for a mobile mmorpg Evil Rise, developed by Penta Games in South Korea. It was good learning experience of using Wwise and also creating various sounds for weapons and monsters. I also did some user interface sounds.

This is a short film I participated as a sound recordist, sound editor, sound designer, and music supervisor that won the 1st place from 2015 United for Peace Film Festival in Japan. The action war scene in the middle of the movie was shot without audio, so I had to create the entire soundscape and sound effects to improve the overall emotion of the film.

This is a demonstration of my audio editing work I did for a short film. This reel shows how I cleaned up and improved audio tracks with specific problems such as clicks, footsteps, hums, noises, etc. This experience helped me when working with voiceovers and podcasts.

A short indie film’s intro sequence. An original score is composed tailored to the video edit in free of tempo. Emotional mood and visual information is augmented through interesting musical development.

A tense climax scene accompanied by an interstellar influenced original score. The director’s vision was to build up strong tension for the climax action, and both director and I were highly satisfied with this score’s ability to increase the overall dynamic of the visual.